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Family discovers fresh start at Home of Hope

Eight years ago, if you told Kanesha Jackson about the life she has now, she might not have believed you. “I never thought I would be here,” said this mom

Checking in: Lexus’s life after Home of Hope

Lexus, a young mom of three, recently graduated from Home of Hope and moved into her own apartment through a transitional housing nonprofit here in Gwinnett. Despite her difficult past,

Young mom learns how to live a life she never thought possible

She was caught in an abusive relationship and had nowhere else to go. Nikki, her daughter and her son needed something more. So they moved from Las Vegas to Georgia

Checking in: life after Home of Hope

We recently checked in with Adrian to get an update on her and Mary since they’ve graduated from Home of Hope. Both Adrian and Mary and their children are living

Best friends find a fresh start at Home of Hope

Sometimes it really is all about who you know. And having a community of cheerleaders rooting for your success? It’s a game changer. Just ask best friends Mary and Adrian.

Choosing better: Lexus’s journey

She’s twenty years old, expecting her third child, and has no family to rely on. To say her journey to Home of Hope has been challenging would be an understatement.

Mary’s story

Recently, one of our moms, Adrian, shared her experience with us. Adrian’s best friend Mary fills us in on how they came to be at Home of Hope. This is

Adrian’s story

One of our moms recently shared her experience with us. Here is Adrian’s story, in her own words. “I was 14 when I had my first child. I’m now 35

Single mom discovers new hope, new extended family

When COVID-19 hit, Michelle found herself in a bleak situation. “I had people who were under contract just say, ‘I lost my job or whatever, and I can’t do this

Finding Hope: How a young mom learns to thrive

Earlier this year we featured a story on a young mother of two, LaToya, who had been living in hotel rooms or her car for over a year (you can