Community volunteers find success in serving others


What’s the secret to success?

“We really believe that those who serve succeed,” says Celeste Giordano.

Celeste leads the Women of Global Change (WGC) Atlanta Chapter, a group working to make a difference by supporting each other and organizing a variety of service projects — including projects at Home of Hope.

“We love Home of Hope because they’re not just helping these children and moms with their daily needs,” she added. “They also offer education, training, and a fresh start.”

Over the years, members of the Atlanta WGC chapter have supported Home of Hope in a variety of ways. They’ve organized workshops, planned dinners, donated necessities, hosted one-of-a-kind events, and more.

“We have an amazing group of women who come together [to do these projects],” explained Celeste, who has been president of the Atlanta chapter since 2016.

One of the group’s signature events at Home of Hope includes a Mother’s Day dinner. This special dinner features fine linens, catered food, crafts for the kids, flowers and chocolates for the moms, and so much more.

This Halloween, they collected costumes for the Home of Hope children.

“For us, the whole idea is to make them feel loved and appreciated,” added Celeste.

But this local leader refuses to take all the credit, saying these events are also powered by a supportive and giving community.

“Anytime we organize one of these events, there’s always a group [of businesses] in our community that says: ‘Anything you need, you got it.’,” she adds.

So, what keeps these volunteers giving and serving?

It might have something to do with their heart for the community. Or it could be the sweet success they’ve found in giving back.

“It’s all about serving and making a difference in the community because the community does so much for us,” explained Celeste. “It’s the least we can do.”

Women of Global Change, launched by Shellie Hunt of California, is a national and international network of servant leaders who work to make a difference. Find out more about them here. Want to know how you can make a difference at Home of Hope? Click here or visit