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Home of Hope at Gwinnett Children's Shelter is offering a 3-12 month Transitional Living Program that offers homeless children and their moms FREE room and board while providing customized "Life Plans" and life skills training, with ALL the resources needed to begin a successful, independent lifestyle.

Each Program is based on individual needs focused on education, job skills, parenting, financial planning and how our clients can be the best for themselves and their children.

We have the opportunity to end the cycle of homeless for 2 generation at one time.


home of hope @ gwinnett children's shelter

Homeless children & their moms

Our focus here at Home of Hope is on homeless children, ages 0 to 17, and their mothers.

Homeless young women

We also serve homeless young women ages 18 and older.

Homeless children with moms who served in our armed services

Another focus of our efforts here at Home of Hope is on those homeless children with mothers that served in the US armed forces.

Do any of these 3 apply to you?

Please contact us today to see if we can help.