Meet Angie Moon!

Say hi to Angie Moon! She’s our residential advisor and child advocate, and she’s celebrating 10 years at Home of Hope this year! Get to know her better:

How did you first hear about Home of Hope? The age-old responding to an employment ad! I wanted to continue my career in social services, and was excited when I got the call. I’m happy to still be working here,10 years later, and continuing to help children in need.

What do you love about working here? I love working with the great team of individuals who are also passionate about the clients we serve. I love meeting and interacting with the kids. I love seeing them smile, hearing them laugh and have fun, and just watching them be kids. I love just talking with them and getting to know them. I want the kiddos to have happy memories of their time here, even though it might not have been the happiest of times that brought them here. I also try to encourage and educate the moms on improved interactions with their children, through modeling, coaching and providing educational materials.

What does your average day look like? No two days at Home of Hope look alike! We all wear various hats on any given day. The first part of my day can be spent sorting and putting away donations or meeting with co-workers. Then, as guests begin to arrive from work and school, I could be aiding with dinner, helping moms watch kids if needed, maybe taking some kids outside to the playground or doing arts and crafts, answering phone and radio calls, providing moms with a listening ear, interacting with our moms and kids and ensuring they are well and operating within our rules of residency.

What would love people to know about Home of Hope? I would like others to know that our program is more about being a hand-up and not a hand-out program. We expect mom to invest in her future and that of her children’s, as well. We coach, encourage and hold her accountable in doing so. We try hard to “teach moms to fish’ and not just “give them a fish for a day.”

What difference have you seen Home of Hope make in women’s lives? I’ve seen young women learn and grow while living here. I’ve seen young women gain courage and confidence while living here, through the support and encouragement received. I’ve seen young women continue their education while living here, which enabled them to obtain better jobs to better support their families. We’ve helped move families into their own apartments and see their excitement and joy about having their own place. We’ve had families come back to visit and thank us for helping them when they needed it. I’ve seen moms that are now on their feet come back and donate, to pay it forward. It’s rewarding to see.

What’s your dream for Home of Hope? I would like to see Home of Hope expand to include on-site mental health and professional counseling services for our guest families and on-going parenting classes for our young moms.

What can you tell us about your life outside of work? I am a dog mom. I take care of my fabulous mama, and I’m an aunt to two awesome nephews! I enjoy watching TV and enjoy working in my yard.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you? I’m really into old-school hip-hop and rap music! I really love Salt n Pepa, Run DMC and Special Ed. That usually surprises people! Don’t judge the book by the cover! Haha!