Meet Tony Tanksley!

Meet Tony Tanksley! He’s our director of finance and is celebrating seven years on our team. Learn more about Tony and what he loves about working at Home of Hope.

How did you first hear about Home of Hope?
I heard about Home of Hope via Maureen Kornowa in 2014. Maureen and I lived in the same neighborhood, and I heard she was going to become executive director of Home of Hope. She was very excited about her upcoming role. The opportunity seemed very interesting, and I was impressed with her passion and goals for Home of Hope. I came on board shortly after she did, in May of 2014.

What is your role at Home of Hope?
My responsibilities at Hope of Hope are diverse, as are many of the roles here. My primary function is finance/accounting and human resources, but on any given day I may be involved with maintenance, grant writing or procurement. I love the daily challenges of my position and being involved with multiple aspects of the overall operations at Home of Hope.

What do you want others to know about Home of Hope?
I want others to know that the objective of Home of Hope is to assist and support the individual’s development at becoming self-sufficient in the long term. Home of Hope is not just temporary housing that only takes care of families for the short term; our format is long-term and we want to help moms and kids find lifelong success.

What difference have you seen Home of Hope make in guests’ lives?
I’ve seen Hope of Hope give many families guided structure to move forward in life and achieve their goals and dreams. It’s heartwarming to see the gleam in the kids’ eyes, knowing their life is going to be better.

Tell us about your family and life outside of work.
Family life is pretty hectic with both my wife and I working and having two of our three kids active in college from home. Our housing scenario with college home bodies has been true since the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic. When possible, we socially distance ourselves to have as many family meals together as we can. Also, we enjoy going for walks in the parks locally at Bogan Park and downtown Atlanta at Piedmont Park.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
It may come as a surprise to many that in addition to working with and being very detailed with numbers, I love to dance.