Ashley Turner

Case Manager & Residential Advisor

Ashley Turner serves as both a case manager and residential advisor for Home of Hope. She’s been a part of the Home of Hope team since 2019 and brings a passion for helping others. Through her roles, Ashley has weekly case meetings with her moms to make sure they are on track and meeting their saving goals. For Ashley, the best part of her job is “interacting with all the families and helping them with any issues that they may have”. She’s even able to use her psychology degree on a day-to-day basis. 

Ashley’s dream for Home of Hope is “to continue to help as many moms in Gwinnett county as we possibly can”. She said  that “being able to watch a mother change over a few months is truly beautiful.” 

Beyond the Role


  • is constantly listening to new music any chance she gets
  • loves pizza
  • describes herself as passionate, caring and nurturing

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