Renita Pollard


Renita Pollard has been a part of our team since 2004. She currently serves as our director of operations where she oversees all day-to-day responsibilities and activities. She keeps us running smoothly and effectively each and every day. 

According to Renita, the best part of her role is that it requires and encourages interaction with everyone at Home of Hope. She gets to be around and communicate with the moms, children, staff and volunteers of Home of Hope. 

“My purpose is to serve with the intention of making life better for others. Home of Hope is a place where my purpose and my intent can both be fulfilled,” said Pollard, “I love doing what I do here at Home of Hope, and I love the team of folks that I do it with.”

Her dream for Home of Hope is to “one day be able to provide affordable housing units to working moms as we prepare them for homeownership”.

Beyond the Role


  • loves spending time with her grandson, Kashus
  • enjoys reading the Bible and other books
  • watches black and white movies
  • finds happiness spending time with friends and family 
  • is terrified of animals
  • describes herself as loyal, resilient and caring

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