To a Home of Her Own: Sara’s Incredible Success Story

She did it! Through determination, hard work and discipline, Sara is now in permanent housing after graduating from Home of Hope.

When Sara was admitted into Home of Hope in October of 2022, she applied to get on a local housing authority list. She was told it would be a two to three-year waiting period with no guarantees that she would be able to move into a property. At the beginning of the new year, she checked back with questions about what this process normally looks like. Little did she know that she would soon after be placed on the waitlist for a townhome that would be available in May!

“She said we only qualified for two bedrooms, and my boys got excited about having bunk beds. I was like, ‘this is great.’ Then the organization randomly emailed me, telling me they went ahead and moved me to a three-bedroom waitlist, and now I’m number one on the waitlist,” Sara said.

Not only was she blessed with a home quicker than expected, but it was also three bedrooms, so she and her two sons were all able to have their own rooms. 

“It’s just so cool how God works out everything!” Sara said.

Sara has accomplished so much since her time at Home of Hope. By putting into practice the habits and financial skills she learned, she has built a savings account of an incredible $30,000! 

“I worked my hiney off, I’m not going to lie,” Sara said with a chuckle. “I’m still trying to save money because I don’t want to go through my savings like I did in my last experience.”

She is a good steward of her resources and has seen the many benefits of having structure in her life, beyond just her finances. “I’ve even lost around 30 pounds. I’ve been trying to walk and exercise more. I just want to be healthier all the way around, not just mentally and emotionally,” Sara shared. 

While she was in our program, Sara learned that organization and routine helped her stay on top of her life. These habits have stuck with her and have also spread to her children.

“I’m really trying to implement independence into them as well. My oldest son is so responsible. He’s up at seven in the morning and makes his bed every day; I’m so proud of him.” 

Sara aspires to be a life coach but is open to wherever life takes her. 

“I want to be able to help people overcome obstacles. I just want to be there to help other people as best as I can, no matter what that looks like,” she said.

Sara’s dream is to own her own land by the age of 35 and build her own home.

She remains an encouragement and inspiration to many, urging others to never give up and keep fighting. “You have to be persistent and strong-willed and disciplined,” she said. 

“You have to really want it to be better and have a better life. If I can do it, anybody else can too.”

Sara’s journey shows that with perseverance and support, amazing transformations are possible. 

Congratulations on all you have achieved, Sara!