To a Home of Their Own

Housing insecurity. It’s not as distant as you think. If circumstances were different, you could easily find yourself facing homelessness. That’s why Monica Pappas supports Home of Hope through volunteering for Sip & Swine. 

“I was a single mom for quite a few years. I had to learn how to take care of myself and my daughter. So,  I know how tough it can be. That’s why I care so much about Home of Hope,” said Monica. 

Sip & Swine volunteer Monica Pappas and husband Nick

Thanks to child support and a career change, Monica was able to build a great life for herself and her daughter without needing a shelter. She also met a wonderful man named Nick whom she’s been married to for 25 years. She recognizes that this is not everyone’s story, though, and has a heart for the moms Home of Hope supports. 

“I’ve watched Home of Hope grow from a small group to full capacity, and I thPink Maureen has done a tremendous job,” said Monica, “I think Home of Hope is a great organization and love that they provide a hand up to young people in need rather than a hand out.”

Monica gives back to Home of Hope through being a volunteer for Sip & Swine. Whether she’s assisting with the beverage tent or going on trash pickups, Monica has helped Sip & Swine run smoothly — and she has fun doing it!

“My favorite part of Sip & Swine is all the people. And the music! Last year, it made me forget about Covid for a while,” said Monica. 

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