From Snacks to Acts of Kindness: Teens’ Vending Machines Transform Pocket Change into Consistent Donations. 

A dollar and some change. This is the general price of a bag of chips or a can of soda, but it’s also a unique approach to giving back to our community. 

Young entrepreneurs Matthew and Sara Huang found a way to combine their desire to learn core business skills and to support nonprofits they are passionate about. At the ages of 15 and 13, this brother-sister duo has become budding philanthropists through their vending machine business. 

Last Spring, the pair purchased two vending machines to start their own side hustle and support nonprofits like Home of Hope. 

“We wanted to start building our entrepreneurial skills early and felt that the vending machine would be a good place to start. It’s a pretty simple, standard business model that would be easy for us to follow and expand,” said Matthew.

“We wanted to change our mindsets and learn how to own and run a business. We always thought this could be a way to help people out and wanted to use our machines to give back as well,” said Sara. 

This was not an impulsive decision for Matthew and Sara. Though young, the siblings did substantial research into how to run their own business and what kind of organizations they wanted to support. 

“We did a lot of research into the best places to put our machines. We looked into which areas had high foot traffic, who would be interested in having a machine, what type of machine we needed to get to maximize profits, etc.,” Matthew said.

“We also did a lot of research to learn about organizations that provide safety and care to children. That’s how we found Home of Hope. Through reading their social posts and blog, we saw how Home of Hope has made a genuine impact on women’s and children’s lives. There are things in life that we can’t control and can have negative impacts on our lives. Home of Hope is a safety net and helps people get back on their feet. They are a crucial backbone for moms trying to back up without having to worry about food or housing – that’s why we wanted to support them.”

The pair found a perfect sport to start their business – a busy call center. Through their machines, they provide snacks and drinks to the call center and have a consistent revenue stream. A portion of every purchase goes directly to Home of Hope and similar organizations. With each transaction, the teens are making a big impact on local nonprofits.

“Our dream for Home of Hope is for them to be able to help as many people as there are who need shelter. It’s really important to us that people are cared for and we think everyone deserves to be blessed,” said Sara. 

“We want to inspire other kids to follow in our footsteps and start giving back where they can.”

Matthew and Sara believe that anyone can make an impact on their community, and the time to start is now. 

“There’s this idea of paying kindness forward, and you can do that at any age. There is no better time to start than today. You can make an impact anytime, and we want to encourage other people to help make the world a kinder place,” said Matthew. 

Want to make an impact like Matthew and Sara? You can make a difference and help our moms and families at ANY age. Please consider becoming a Home of Hope donor today. 

If you are interested in having complimentary vending machines installed at your facilities or offices in support of Home of Hope, please contact Matthew and Sara at