Lights, Camera, Compassion

Autumn Bailey-Ford’s journey is one of resilience and love. Step into the inspiring narrative of a film producer turned advocate for struggling moms and families.

Autumn is a seasoned and accomplished film producer who has been awarded a number of accolades including being named the BronzLens Women’s Superstar Honoree for 2021, the first African American woman to serve as Vice Chair for Producers Guild of America, and awarded the Creative Excellence and Vision Award by Women in Film and Television in 2022. Her films brought her across the globe from Tanzania to London and featured icons such as John Travolta, Shania Twain, Dennis Quaid and Al Pacino. 

She even started her own business Autumn Bailey Entertainment and is the spearhead behind the wildly successful Georgia Entertainment Gala. 

Autumn chose not to let her past define her. That’s her message for the women of Home of Hope. 

“I wasn’t homeless, but I very easily could have been. I had a very loving aunt who took me in and showed me how to push through. I feel very connected to these women [at Home of Hope] because I’ve been in difficult circumstances myself,” said Autumn. 

“I always encourage others to go after their dreams and not let their situations hold them back. That’s what I did. I had to really push through to become who I wanted to be as an adult. That’s why I think Doug Meyer and Maureen Kornowa felt I would be a good fit for the board.”

Autumn first learned about Home of Hope through her Georgia Entertainment Gala. Maureen was one of her supporters and in turn, Autumn became connected to the organization from an early stage. 

“Maureen invited me out to their facilities. I was one one the first people to actually see it, and oh wow. I fell in love with it right then!” said Autumn. 

“I’ve been supporting Home of Hope through donating baby clothes and other items for years. It’s been near and dear to my heart. I’ve never been homeless, but I definitely understand what it’s like to need help. 

“And you never know. You could be two seconds away from being in these moms’ situations. A fire could happen or you could lose your job. Anything can change your life.” 

Autumn recognizes the delicate nature of certain circumstances, but she also believes we all have the power to shape who we are and steer our lives in a more positive direction. 

“You might be down on Monday, but by Tuesday you could be up again. You never know where your next blessing comes from. It’s onward and upward for me. There are people and places out there like Home of Hope who are willing to help you, want to see you do better and want you to win,” said Autumn.

“No one should feel alone. Home of Hope gives these women and families a second start on life.”

Autumn joined Home of Hope’s board in late 2023 and has some big dreams for the organization. She’s ready to help these moms turn their lives around – maybe a little faster than they think they can. 

“I’m excited to bring my ideas and creativity to the board – and to be a part of something that’s meaningful and genuinely uplifts women. I would love to start a workforce development program where Home of Hope partners with the Kroger Foundation, Chick-fil-A, Georgia hospitals, etc. to get these moms connected and help them find employment. My other dream is to one day be able to offer a daycare on-site for all of our families. This will make a huge difference for our moms,” said Autumn.

Her goals are beyond practical solutions; Autumn also aims to further Home of Hope’s culture of love, understanding and ultimately, growth. 

“These women often feel like no one understands or loves them. I want everyone who comes to Hope of Hope to know that this is a place of growth and that the people here genuinely care about them and their kids,” said Autumn

“It’s not a permanent place. It’s a transitionary place. Regardless of the circumstances that led someone to Home of Hope, here they can laugh again. They can get their joy back. They can get themselves back.”

You don’t have to be a board member to make a difference in the lives of our moms and kids. 

But, as Autumn says, “Every dollar can stretch. You never know where that dollar will go or how it will be multiplied.” Please consider helping Home of Hope empower these families to turn their lives around. Become a donor today

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