Meet Michele Barbee!

Michele is our overnight residential advisor who keeps things running smoothly at night.

Coming into her ninth year with Home of Hope, this bingo lover and grandmother of four has a passion for working with kids. It’s what drew her to Home of Hope in the first place.

“I wanted to continue to work with children when I moved here from New Jersey. I love working with moms and helping them with their children,” Michele said. “As a grandmother of four, I have a lot of experience parenting.”

While the night shift can be quiet, she looks forward to the mornings when she sets up breakfast and helps the moms feed their children. Another aspect of the job she finds rewarding? Coming alongside the moms and teaching them how to handle their chores.

“I do weekly inspections of the rooms. I work with the moms on what to expect, as some need help with their approach to cleaning,” she said. “It can be difficult for some young moms who have always lived with family members that helped take care of their kids as well as the cleaning.”

In the time she’s worked for Home of Hope, Michele has seen families flourish.

“Home of Hope allows moms to get back on their feet. I have seen a great difference in many moms with budgeting, saving, and being accountable for their parenting. Most have never saved very much and this [program] gives them encouragement that they can do it,” Michele noted.

“My dream for Home of Hope is to serve more and more families.”

We’re grateful for you, Michele, and the positive impact you have on the moms and kids you serve.