Soaring to Greater Heights of Service and Sisterhood

When thinking of sororities, many picture themed parties, rush week, creative fundraisers and a commitment to sisterhood, typically beginning on the first day college students step foot on campus and concluding on the last. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated is an exception to this norm.

The sorority is a sisterhood bonded not just by tradition, but by a “legacy of service that deepens, rather than ends, with college graduation.” Alpha Kappa Alpha prioritizes volunteerism and philanthropy in a unique way. In 1994, Sorority Members  chartered a graduate chapter in Lawrence, GA to continue making a difference in their community long after women received their diploma. Today, Upsilon Alpha Omega, the first Black Greek-letter organization in Gwinnett County, has made a significant impact in the community.

Anika Doucette, current vice president, has been a member of the Sorority for  for over 25 years. “Although our organization begins, and was founded, at an undergraduate level, we are a service organization,” said Anika. “Service doesn’t stop at undergraduate; it continues throughout our lives, and we take a lifelong commitment or pledge when we are initiated.”

One of the nonprofits the chapter proudly supports is Home of Hope. Anika has strengthened the chapter’s partnership with our organization during her administration and has facilitated several volunteer projects since 2022. Upsilon Alpha Omega’s 450 members not only give their time to help single mothers and children, but also provide monetary donations through annual club fundraisers. 

The long-term partnership started by helping annually on MLK Day, and within the last couple of years the group became involved in more offsite special events as well as regularly volunteering for Home of Hope’s Kids Club.

“We love serving at Home of Hope,” said Anika. “We are all women and college graduates and love being able to support other women who are in life situations that any of us could have been in at any time.” 

Some core International Program initiatives of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority  include strengthening our sisterhood, empowering families and uplifting the community – Upsilon Alpha Omega Chapter continues to embody and implement these initiatives through the work with Home of Hope.. the group most recently assisted with all three days of the Sip & Swine BBQ festival, with over 40 volunteers serving at different stations. 

“The mission and program inspires us. They shine a light on education and stability in all the classes that [the women] go through. Being able to financially support whatever their needs are – whether that’s something for their homes,for the kids or any particular activity, we’re always happy to do that,” said Anika. 

The driving force behind a lifelong commitment to service stems from the emotional reward of giving back. 

“I certainly think that when you give or volunteer [and are] able to help support others, it’s always reciprocated in some way,” Anika encourages. “Just the joy that you get from being able to do that, just having the ability to do it for somebody else is the greatest joy.”

Her biggest dream for Home of Hope is that “each family that graduates or successfully completes the program not only maintains stability in life but that they also thrive in a way that they never thought that they could.”

With the passion and assistance from dedicated partners like Anika and Upsilon Alpha Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., we are able to turn that dream into reality for families every day.