Finding Hope: How a young mom learns to thrive

Earlier this year we featured a story on a young mother of two, LaToya, who had been living in hotel rooms or her car for over a year (you can read her story here). LaToya was frustrated with life and wanted more for herself, her young son, and the child she was pregnant with. Then, she found Home of Hope and her life – and her perspective – began to turn around. 

Below, she shares firsthand what she learned during her time at Home of Hope and the impact it had on her life. LaToya’s story demonstrates our goal for all of our guests: to take them from homeless, to hopeful, to a home of their own.

I transitioned out of HOH in 2020. Life is more stable for me right now. I am currently living in Rainbow Village and working from home. My career goal is to finish school and further my nursing career. 

My youngest son was born April 30, 2020. My oldest son will be six years old this year and is in kindergarten. It’s an exciting time for us! 

Before I came to Home of Hope, I had no structure and no stable place to go – Home of Hope gave us that structure and stability. I’ve learned how to budget my money, how to be stronger mentally and physically, and I’ve learned how to be a better mom. I have learned to stand on my own two feet, to make a way, and not to give up. Home of Hope really brought out the hustle in me. They taught me not to ever be satisfied with just what’s comfortable in life, but to always be working toward consistency.

My experience at Home of Hope was welcoming and educational. We never went to bed hungry and the place remained clean. We all stuck together as a family should. I love all the staff and appreciate all their dedication. We worked as a team. They definitely taught us discipline. 

I always refer other women like me to Home of Hope; it’s not just a shelter, it’s the BEST shelter! It allows independence, growth and a place for women and children to be together.