Checking in: Lexus’s life after Home of Hope

Lexus, a young mom of three, recently graduated from Home of Hope and moved into her own apartment through a transitional housing nonprofit here in Gwinnett. Despite her difficult past, Lexus now has both hope for the future and plans to keep her life moving forward. Read on to hear how she’s doing.

What has life been like these days?

I’m adjusting to having my own apartment because that’s completely new to me. I meet regularly with my success coach, and like at Home of Hope, I’m working, budgeting and saving – but with some more independence. 

It feels great being in my own little space, and it just warms me up inside for my daughter to have her own room to call home. I’m really grateful. 

What does life look like for you now as a mom of three?

Busy busy busy! It’s a lot to be a mom of three little ones – Ariana (3), Josiah (almost 2), and Dream (5 months) – but my oldest is a big help.

Where are you working?

I recently began a warehouse job at Aldi. It pays well, and it has benefits. I’m also starting back to school again and am supposed to graduate in August!

What did you learn from Home of Hope that you are still using today? 

Budgeting. I don’t care how much my check is; I still make sure I put some up [in my savings]. I’m also about to open a credit card to help boost my credit. 

At Home of Hope, I got counseling, I got money advice, and I’m also using what they taught me, especially to have a little more patience with my kids. They taught me so much, and I’m doing all I can with it to make sure I don’t end up in the same situation again. 

What piece of encouragement did you receive at Home of Hope that continues to keep you going now? 

Home of Hope gave me so much encouragement. They always told me to keep up the good work and to not give up. There were plenty of times when I just needed to talk to someone, and I was always able to, especially with Mrs. Bridgette.

What encouragement would you offer other moms going through a tough time? 

Don’t give up – there’s better out there! Start living not just for yourself but for your kids; be strong and do what you have to do to get out of your situation. Find somewhere with helpful people, and if you can, go to Home of Hope and get the structure you need.

I was at my lowest before going to Home of Hope – I didn’t have hope. And without them, I’d still be living check to check, trying to figure out my next move. I just loved it there, and I always tell people about Home of Hope. I’m more at peace now, and I’m just blessed and thankful.

Anything else you’d like to share? 

Thank you to everyone that donates, no matter how much. And thank you again so much to Home of Hope!